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Lisbon in Blues , blues dance in Lisbon BlueswingLisboa Escola  de danças vintage Afro-Ame

A small and cozy dancing weekend dedicated to social dance in the center of Lisbon.
Classes and parties.
Friday and Saturday parties with live music
Sunday Tea Dance Party
Maximum 50 attendees



Party with Live Music & DJ


Classes and party with live music & DJ 


Classes and Tea Dance party



Rua José Estevão 45 B,Lisboa

Friday Party

Saturday Classes and party

Sunday Classes

The Team
Photographer credit Ana Isa Mourinho.jpg.jpg


Annette hails from Heidelberg, Germany and is one of Europe's most prominent proselytisers of blues dance as a teacher, social dancer, DJ and organiser. Her love of teaching and dancing are infectious and if you've travelled for blues, you probably already knew that! 

Annette is excited to be teaching in beautiful Lisboa again and she is looking forward to helping you bring out your inner awesome!

Photographer Ana Isa Mourinho

Photographer credit Søren Ragsdale.jpg


Eran's passion for dancing has taken him almost literally around the globe. Travelling for dance and seeking inspiration in his path to finding his own voice on the dance floor has shaped him to be the dancer, teacher and performer he his today. Eran believes that a focus on body movement frees people to enjoy any dance, no matter what music is playing. His own dance versatility helps him bridge the gap between styles and dances. In his classes, Eran enjoys drawing comparisons to everyday life experiences to help dancers easily master even the most complex movements. 

Do consider yourself warned though: Behind his soft smile is an adamant teacher who won’t stop until you feel you got it. 

Photographer Søren Ragsdale

Friday Band
Illustrated Musical Instruments

Crossroads Blues Band

The Crossroads Blues Band is a project dedicated to electric and acoustic blues as a genre of "American Folk Music". Maintaining a
traditional approach, which crosses styles such as: swing, schuffle, slow blues, latin rhythms and jive, The Crossroads Blues Band revisit songs by Blues artists from Mississippi, Chicago and the West Coast, among others.

Formed by:

André Teixeira (guitars and vocals),
Pedro Correia (electric bass)

 Paulo Grilo (drums)

Sergio Marques (harmonica).

Photographer credit

Saturday Band
King & The Guitar George.png

King & The Guitar George


Criado em 2022, King & The Guitar George é um duo de Blues da autoria de Júlio King e Jorge Wong, músicos por vício e bluesmen por convicção.

Guitarras, harmônicas e voz  somam-se para apresentar um repertório dinâmico e cheio de energia, orientado para os ritmos mais mexidos dos Blues, ao qual é impossível resistir sem dançar.


Created in 2022, King & The Guitar George is a Blues duo by Júlio King and Jorge Wong, musicians by addiction and bluesmen by conviction.

Guitars, harmonicas and voice come together to present a dynamic repertoire full of energy, oriented towards the most moving and dancing  rhythms of the Blues.

Photographer credit 



Annette likes her blues to cut straight to the bone with rhythms so compelling that you can't help but dance! 

She has spun for countless blues events worldwide and is excited to see dancers rush to the dance floor and work it! You'll recognize her at the DJ stand; she's the one who can’t help but dance while queuing the next song.

Photographer Ana Isa Mourinho

Rodrigo Caxaria  _ BluesSwingLisboa aulas de danças vintage Blues e Swing em Lisboa


Rodrigo ventured into the realm of Blues and Swing dance at the age of 39 and has never looked back since. His mission is to show all students that it's never too late to start dancing. He aspires for everyone to experience the profound happiness that dance can infuse into their personal and professional lives.

In 2020 he started to embrace the chalenge of Djinng for the Blues&Swing dance parties and workshops in Lisbon.

Photographer Susana Barriga

Classes / Levels


You have local classes and have done some international workshops. You adapt your dance to the style of music, have an expanded vocabulary (aesthetic ,  movements and musicality) and have a good understanding of partnership in dancing.


You are amongst the most experienced dancers in your local scene.

You have a sound understanding of the blues, technique and understand that focusing on the small details.

The music and your partner is what takes it to the next level.

Solo Blues

This open level class will provide material suitable for all.

 Wherever you are on your dance journey , this open level class will give you the opportunity to refine your skills while dancing solo.

Passes & Prices

Sold Out

Mix Pass


6 h of Classes (4h Partner + 2h Solo)

Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party

Solo Blues


2 h of Classes

Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party

Partner Blues


4 h of Classes

Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party

Party Pass


Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party

Sold Out

Inscrição | Registration
Level for Partner Blues
Role for Partner Blues
By registering as "I can lead or follow" you accept that depending on lead/follow balance  you may have classes as a lead or as a follow Ao inscreveres-te como "I can lead or follow" aceitas que dependendo do equilibrio entre lead e follows podes ter aulas como follow ou como lead.

When registering with a partner you both need to be on the same level


All bookings for  are accepted on the basis of these Terms and Conditions. By proceeding with the booking of this event you understand and agree to be bound to these Terms and Conditions.


You can lunch and/or dine at the venue

Home made food | Limited spots

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