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José Andrade

José Andrade, born in Vila Velha de Rodão, is a Portuguese musician and saxophonist.
He began his training very early in the county's music schools, playing guitar, piano and any instrument he came across. He attended the piano course at the Castelo Branco Regional Conservatory to consolidate his classical training.
At the age of 18 he moved to Lisbon, his curiosity for music and different instruments led him to jazz and the saxophone, which is now his main instrument.
He completed the jazz course at the Hot Club de Portugal school and the Jazz Music Course at the University of Évora.
He teaches piano, guitar and saxophone at several music schools in the capital.
He is part of several musical projects with some influence on dance and usually performs at festivals, events, bars and parties across the country.
Some of the projects that stand out most from his career:
Founder and saxophonist of the Hot club student orchestra while he attended school.
Saxophonist of the Évora Jazz Orchestra;
Founder and saxophonist of "Stomping at Six"
Saxophonist on "Daisy"
Saxophonist in "Suzie and the boys"
Saxophonist in "Candonga"
Pianist in "Swing da Má Sorte"

Workshop with Seamus Blake.
Improvisation course with Gary Burton (e learning)
Guitar course with Jorge Pires.
Workshop with Carlos Bica Trio (Frank Möbus and Jim Black)

Susana Afonso

Dance has been an important part of her life for a long time. Inspired by music, she started Balboa classes in 2019 and later couldn't resist dancing to the Blues. She fell in love and couldn't stop anymore! She is always ready to dance, likes to learn and dedicates herself body and soul. Carla's invitation to be part of this project was accepted with great joy and enthusiasm.

She would like to be able to help students find what is magical and unique about this dances so that each one, in their own way, can be a little happier.

Ana Raquel

Ana Raquel has always had dance present in her life, since she was a little girl when she created choreographies in front of the TV, to the sound of Bonnie Tyler. In 2016 she discovered Folk, Forró and Vintage American dances, starting with Lindy Hop, Blues and Solo Jazz. Later, she also went through Balboa and Slow Ball, but her passion for the Blues was always what stood out the most. She doesn't live without dancing, or music! By starting this challenge of teaching Blues, she aims to pass on to others the joy (and constant smile) and the connection that dance brings her, if this were not the expressive way she chose!

Rodrigo Caxaria

In September 2015, through a friend who needed a partner to get off the waiting list and have direct access to classes, he got to know American vintage dances at Swing Station, where he started in the first few months to learn Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo Vintage Jazz .

Dance came to change his perspective on life and on his own body and movement, it brought new sensations and challenges that he wishes will never stop.

Bruno Assunção

Bruno started dancing in 2015 thanks to his wife and, against his expectations, he completely surrendered in the first Lindy Hop class. Later that year he also started in Balboa and naturally followed with Blues, Solo Jazz, Slow Balboa and many adventures in international festivals where he took classes with many teachers from all over the world.

Today he can't live without dancing and the experience made this professional software programmer finally come to like people more than computers.

Invited by Carla in times of a pandemic, he accepted the new challenge of teaching and sharing the joy of these dances.

Carla Frade


Carla started to dance and jump as soon as she could! One of her favorite games as a child was to listen to music and dance, while she lived out great adventures in her imagination.

She started taking Lindy Hop classes in 2009 with Abeth Farag, with the aim of building an acrobatic dance number for one of the shows by the Companhia de Teatro Circo Trupilariante. This goal turned out to change her life, she fell in love with the world of vintage African-American dances, changed her professional life and never stopped.

Her passion is dancing Blues for the wide variety of styles and emotions that this music and dance provides, and Balboa and Slow Balboa for the relaxation and being in the moment.

Começámos a nossa aventura em  2020, adoramos ensinar e espalhar o amor pela dança  e música Blues e Swing e ver os nossos alunos a interagir uns com os outros e com a música.As nossas aulas são cheias de boa energia e cumplicidade! Acreditamos num ambiente inclusivo e divertido para aprender a dançar e, como dizemos nas aulas -  Dançar faz bem à saúde, mexe o corpo e arrebita a alma.


We started our adventure in 2020, we love teaching and spreading the love of Blues and Swing dance and music and seeing our students interact with each other and with music.
Our classes are full of good energy and complicity! We believe in an inclusive and fun environment to learn to dance and, as we say in classes - Dancing is good for your health, moves the body and uplifts the soul.

Os nossos valores
Our Values
  • PT

    Estas são danças sociais Afro-Americanas, cada dança tem uma identidade que a distingue, ensinar uma dança significa também aprender e dar valor à cultura e música de onde essa dança é originária.


    This are social Afro-American dances, each dance has an identity that distinguishes it, teaching a dance also means learning and appreciating the culture and music from which that dance originates.


  • PT

    As nossas aulas não podiam deixar de valorizar a individualidade e o “eu” que existe em cada um. Ou não fossem beber às origens das danças afro-americanas toda a vontade de improviso e de deixar o corpo e as emoções se expressarem.


    Our classes could not fail to value individuality and the “I” that exists in each person. Or they wouldn't draw from the origins of African-American dances all the desire to improvise and let the body and emotions express themselves.

  • PT

    Não são só os estudos que o comprovam, mas cada um de nós! É inegável que dançar deixa as pessoas mais felizes, promovendo o convívio e a inclusão social, e um bem-estar físico muito grande. Depois de se deixar levar pelo ritmo e entrar na dança, é só sair a sorrir, tanto dos sociais como das aulas pois acreditamos que aulas relaxadas e divertidas tornam tudo mais fácil.


    It's not just studies that prove this, but each one of us! It is undeniable that dancing makes people happier, promoting coexistence and social inclusion, and great physical well-being. After letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm and getting into the dance, all you have to do is leave smiling, both from the socials and from the classes as we believe that relaxed and fun classes make everything easier.

  • PT

    Como professores que somos prezamos muito o nosso duplo papel. Apostamos muito em formação e na nossa própria evolução. Por outro lado, enquanto professores somos sempre desafiados pelos nossos alunos. O nosso trabalho é o de uma verdadeira parceria.


    As teachers, we greatly value our dual role. We invest a lot in training and our own evolution. On the other hand, as teachers we are always challenged by our students. Our work is that of a true partnership.


Mónica Pinto

"Descobrir o prazer de dançar, com música que nos aconchega o coração e com um grupo de amigos simpáticos... Não podia haver melhor mix! Das gargalhadas da Carla aos cocktails do Rodrigo. Porque a vida assim é melhor!"

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