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Dance Teachers




Lisboa, Portugal

About us

Based in Lisbon, we started to teach and spread the love for Blues&Swing dance in 2018 at Swing Station School.

In 2020 we decided to have our own project and focus in a more cozy and small studio which improved the interaction with and between our students, allowing us to give more individual feedback in classes , but mainly a more inclusive environment. The result has been very positive with a group that is growing slowly with connections and bonds between erveryone.


A real explosive cocktail of joy and vitamins! She started teaching Swing dance classes in 2012 and Blues classes in 2014. What she likes most is seeing the energy and joy that dance and music brings to students.


Started learning Blues&Swing dance at 39 years old and from then never stopped. His mojo is to show all students that it's never too late to start dancing. He wishes that everyone can feel the real happiness that dance brings to life.

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Lisboa, Portugal



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