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Balboa em Lisboa BlueswingLisboa Escola  de danças vintage Afro-Americanas Blues e Swing e

A small and cozy dancing weekend dedicated to social dance in the center of Lisbon.
Balboa and SlowBall classes and parties.
Friday and Saturday parties with live music for Balboa and SlowBall
Sunday Tea Dance Party
Maximum 50 attendees



Party with Live Music & DJ


Classes and party with live music & DJ 


Classes and Tea Dance party



Rua José Estevão 45 B,Lisboa

Friday Party

Saturday Classes and party

Sunday Classes

The Team
Balboa Teachers
Anna Maria &  Ralf Balboa em Lisboa BlueswingLisboa Escola  de danças vintage Afro-America

Anna-Maria&Ralf Bernhard 

For this edition of Balboa em Lisboa we’re happy to have Anna-Maria & Ralf Bernard as Balboa teachers.

Anna-Maria and Ralf have extensive experience in Swing Dance performance and pedagogy. As a regular pair, they have been training and teaching together since 2012. They are known for their technique in partnership, flow, and smooth style.

SlowBall Teachers


Carla and Rodrigo started teaching together in 2020, they love teaching and spreading the love of Blues and Swing dance and music and seeing the students interact with each other and with music.

Together they teach Blues, Balboa, SlowBal and Lindy Hop classes, always with good energy and complicity! Privileging well-being and socializing, in an inclusive and fun environment to learn to dance. As they say in class: “dancing is good for your health, it makes the body move and uplifts the soul”.

Friday Band
Manouche Station.jpg

Manouche Station

Formed in 2015 by João Novais,
Manouche Station becomes a stop to discover the eternal themes of the European Jazz repertoire.
Manouche Station reproduces the contagious sound of the 30s and 40s, paying tribute to the legendary musicians of the Hot Club de France, such as Django Reinhardt or Stephane Grappelli, portraying the bohemian spirit, of glamour and fun that accompanied this musical style.
SWING to listen, to feel or to dance!

In the steam train:
Double Bass - João Novais
Petite Bouche" Guitar - Gonçalo Mendonça
Petite Bouche" Guitar - Paulo Rosa
Soprano Saxophone - André Barbosa

Saturday Band
Stomping at Six Balboa em Lisboa with Solen&Laurent February 2023 BluesSwing Lisboa

Stomping at Six

Stomping at six is a Swing Jazz Blues band from Lisbon, six talented musicians with a background in jazz who fell in love when they saw lindy hoppers dancing in the street.
Its repertoire is directed towards Swing and Blues dances, songs from the 20's and 30's, from the fastest swings to the slowest and most intense blues. Owners of an energy and an empathy from which it is impossible to escape or be quiet they are most happy when they play for dancers!

Margarida Martins - Voice
Zé Andrade - Sax tenor
Nuno Reis - Trumpet
Tiago Paiva - Guitar
Jorge Figueiredo - Double Bass
Pedro Rodrigues - Drums

Rodrigo Caxaria  _ BluesSwingLisboa aulas de danças vintage Blues e Swing em Lisboa


A Balboa dancer himself , Rodrigo has embraced the chalenge of Djinng for the Balboa and Blues parties and workshops in Lisbon.

Pedro Martins.jpg

Pedro Martins

Pedro is one of the Lisbon Balboa dancers that from the beginning has embraced the chalenge of Djinng for the Balboa crowd.

Classes / Levels


You have been dancing regularly. Your basic is solid and you can demonstrate some musical changes in  your dance and how your connection and body position should change between movements. You feel comfortable in social dances.


You dance Balboa regularly and can dance relaxed to faster tempos. You have a large vocabulary of moves and are working on how to manipulate what you know to fit the music and refine your technique.


This open level class will provide material suitable for all.

 Whether you are a beginner in SlowBal or an experienced dancer, this open level class will give you the opportunity to refine your skills while dancing at slower tempos. 

Passes & Prices
Mix Pass


7 h of Classes

Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party



4 h of Classes

Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party



3 h of Classes

Friday and Saturday party with live music and DJ

Sunday Tea Dance Party

Inscrições / Registration

All bookings for  are accepted on the basis of these Terms and Conditions. By proceeding with the booking of this event you understand and agree to be bound to these Terms and Conditions.

Meals at the Venue

You can lunch and/or dine at the venue

Home made food | Limited spots

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